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Lifestyle Sessions

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What to wear?

Keep it simple! No need to go overboard with neon colors and lots of crazy designs. Solid color clothing articles always work well on photo day--but this doesn't mean you have to solely wear solid colors! Simple patterns like large plaid, stripes, and polka dots work just fine. Stay true to yourself and your style. 

Colors to avoid on photo day: Bright red, solid black shirt, solid white shirt, neon colors. 

Two or more people: Each person should wear colors that complement each other without wearing the same exact look. Example: Someone could wear mint green shorts, while another is wearing a salmon pink shirt.

Making your photos feel personal and unique is what I aim for. Let's avoid everyone in the family wearing white shirts and khaki shorts! 

Check out this awesome article by Paint The Moon that dives further in depth on this subject:


Newborn/Child Session



Newborn sessions turn out best when taken within the first 10 days of the baby's life! This is due to the baby's size and sleepiness! It is much easier to pose the baby when he/she is relaxed and sleepy. Try to get your baby on a regular eating schedule and feed your little one before our session so that he/she is happy and sleepy for our session. This makes for a much smoother day and much sweeter photos!  

Newborn babies and parents are typically most comfortable in their own home. I recommend doing this to make it easier on yourself and your baby. I can very easily create a super sweet set for your session within your home. If you have a different location in mind, we can do that as well.



Be sure your little one is fully rested and ready to go! Whatever puts him/her in a pleasant mood, be sure to do that beforehand! If you need to bring snacks or candy along, feel free. Children tend to get a little antsy during a session if they feel bored by the process, so bring a few of their favorite toys! 


Think about what you want out of our session.

If you have any ideas that involve props, then ask me! I may have what you are looking for. If you want something completely new, feel free to bring any props that you would like to use for our session. 



Wedding Day


You need a photographer who is experienced, flexible, and personable--here I am!  

As a couple preparing for your big day, you have many things to think about. One thing that should be on the top of your to-do list is figure out who you want to capture it! I work hard to capture every raw emotion throughout the day, freezing your memories in time. Creating the most beautiful portraits for you to hang on your wall is just as important as the candid--we all love a great bride & groom portrait! 

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about my wedding day packages. I will work with you to provide the package that fits your wedding photography needs perfectly.